The Move for Two x Smitten scrub cap was designed by the founders of Move for Two to be worn by medical staff who carry hope with them each day. Below, the Co-Founder and Director at Move for Two, Nastasha Coetsee, answers three questions about the Smitten x MFT scrub cap.

What is Move for Two?

Move for Two is a South African non-profit organisation that provides dance and life skill lessons for 70 children in the Gugulethu township near Cape Town. We use dance as a platform to equip children with life skills and inspire them with confidence to move beyond what they previously believed was possible.

What Inspired this Scrub Cap Design?

When Jessica and I started designing our logo back in 2016, we immediately thought of a rainbow. To us, a rainbow has always been a symbol of hope which is what ignited the start of Move For Two. We dreamed of bringing hope to those who may have lost it, or, those who may never have had it to begin with.

If you look at a rainbow, it also looks like a bridge, this has also always been a deep-rooted intention of Move For Two; bridging the gap between communities and by creating opportunities. We wanted Move for Two to act as a bridge of hope.

When Savannah reached out to me about the design of our material for the scrub caps, my mind went straight to the rainbow. Not only is it playful, colourful, and full of life but it is all-inclusive. It has no end or beginning and has a beautiful message of hope for those who wear it.

How Can I Help?

All proceeds of the Smitten x MFT scrub cap will be donated straight to Move for Two’s Back a Dancer campaign. It costs R200 per month to keep one dancer in class and each scrub cap sale makes a huge dent in this. Additionally, if you want to Back a Dancer yourself, click here to give a child the gift of dance.

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